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There are plenty of would-be “experts” and groups out there who proudly lay claim to teaching “reality-based” systems and techniques, and who also claim that that their techniques have been “tested” or “proven”. But what does that actually mean?

Most often, it means – for example – that two people dressed in thick padding take turns trying to dramatically stab each other with a rubber knife in front of the camera to score “hits”. Or they put on boxing gloves and try to punch or kick each other really hard. Or they do fast, flashy, carefully choreographed fighting movements in a studio while looking fierce. Or they do intellectual exercises and have endless video debates where they try to “prove” that you can’t disarm a gun, or that this or that technique will or won’t work.

We don’t do that at Elite Defence Academy International.

Why? Because every single thing we teach you has been used in real life, over the past 15 years, in literal life-and-death situations, in one of the world’s most inherently violent countries. That’s how we know our techniques have been “tested” for reality.

South Africa is ranked as the third most violent country on the planet. We do not have the luxury of inventing cute techniques and trying to look tough in an artificial environment.

Everything we do, everything we train and teach, is engineered from practical experience and rooted in reality.


1834 Tactical is the tactical and operational wing of Elite Defence Academy International. Everything we train and teach is used - sometimes daily - by the men and women of 1834 Tactical who are on the streets, very often coming face to face with some of the most hardened criminals and cartels found anywhere in the world. 

1834 Tactical employs our system of Krav Maga in daily operations, and its members and associated operators are involved in a wide range of tasks with local governmental and international law enforcement agencies and executive private security operations on an ongoing basis.

For security reasons, not all these functions can be named here or discussed in detail, but some areas of active service and involvement include:

  • Police special operations units
  • International agency consulting and assistance
  • Military training assistance
  • Executive private security and close protection for international clients, which include multinational mining companies and the United Nations
  • Presidential security details
  • High value asset tracking and recovery teams
  • Anti-hijack and anti-terror response units
  • Armed tactical medical assistance units

1834 Tactical Krav Maga

Almost all of the men and women involved in these services use our training on a regular basis to preserve their own lives and the lives of others. For some, who serve in law enforcement, their daily reality consists of dealing at extreme close quarters with drug cartels, human trafficking rings, illegal gold miners, smuggling syndicates, cash-in-transit robbery gangs, and professional hit squads. 

These operators use the Elite Defence Academy International system of Krav Maga to stay alive, very often in extreme circumstances.

Krav Maga operations

As an organization, this gives Elite Defence Academy International the advantage of receiving constant, accurate feedback on our techniques, our tactics, and our teaching. It also means that we’re able to teach a broad range of practical skills – ranging from hand to hand self defense for absolute beginners, right through to high-level Krav Maga skills, weapon skills, tactical skills, and operational skills for individuals and teams in high-risk environments.

It also means that we don’t stagnate. We’re all too aware of the fact that the criminal world is constantly in a state of change - and so is the international tactical and law enforcement world - and this is reflected in the way we train and teach.

Our job is to ensure that you, as an EDA International Krav Maga student, stay alive.

Tactical Krav Maga

Whether you’re a civilian who’s never thrown a punch in anger but wants to learn some self defense basics, a mom or daughter who wants to know how best to protect herself and her loved ones, or a martial artist or combatives practitioner seeking a higher level of practical training, we have what you’re looking for.

At Elite Defence Academy International, there is a vast difference between theory and reality.

Between “acting tough” and being truly and dangerously capable.

Between thinking that your Krav Maga works, and knowing that it works.

And, because of our constant involvement in reacting intelligently to changes in criminal behavior and tactics, we’re one of the few Krav Maga systems that actually evolves, in real time, to adapt, to stay ahead of the game, and to ensure that you get the very best Krav Maga training possible.

Krav Maga tactics

Krav Maga operational

Tactical Krav Maga training


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We understand that the vast majority of people who join Elite Defence Academy International - whether in a club or via online Krav Maga video training - become members simply because they want to learn Krav Maga, or learn self defence in a way that is simple and practical.

Most of our members aren't interested in getting high-level tactical Krav Maga training, nor would they be able to do so due to the rigorous physical demands, expertise, and time investment required.

However, it makes sense to embrace a system that is used by professionals who use it practically and daily, because it has been proven to work at every level, from "soft" situational self defense to all-out combat against trained and armed professional criminals.

Why? Quite simply, so that our Krav Maga practitioners develop a healthy strategic mindset - whether they're dealing with harassment, or have to deploy a weapon in self defense. (Or, alternatively, if they disarm a criminal and have to use a weapon with confidence and expertise.)



Jacques is the Chief Instructor of 1834 Tactical, and has been a valued member of Elite Defence Academy International since its formation 15 years ago.

jacques alberts 1834 tactical

Jacques' credentials:

  • Founder and chief instructor: 1834 Tactical
  • EDA International Krav Maga Black Belt Level 5
  • Director and active operations: Stratcon Executive Security & Asset Retrieval
  • South African Police operations
  • Has provided training to European-based anti-terror units
  • Has trained with European Special Forces units
  • Has provided training to international law enforcement units
  • Has trained with Instructor Zero 
  • Is the South African chief instructor and representative for Bushi Tactics and Geni-Ax (Manrico Erriu)



In close partnership with Elite Defence Academy International, 1834 Tactical provides real-time feedback, insight, and innovation, to ensure that our instructors maintain a standard of excellence, and that our members are given the very best available Krav Maga training.

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 1834 tactical krav maga

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handgun basics workshop

Join us at this workshop on 10 April 2021, where you can learn handgun basics - as taught by 1834 Tactical. You don't have to own a handgun to do this course - we have guns available - but if you are a gun owner, you're equally welcome.


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In our 15+ years of existence, Elite Defence Academy International has never lost a practitioner or instructor to an act of violence, and we have a 100% survival record.

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