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Greatitude: The Key to Purpose and Performance

Gratitude. Greatness. Attitude.

Timeless wisdom, combined with a modern understanding of the human mind.

The Greatitude series of corporate management skills development workshops equips participants for unparalleled success in the workplace - and all areas of life. We're talking about a unique blend of mindfulness training, breathwork, practical philosophy, mind-body integration, and superbly effective, surprisingly powerful self-actualization techniques that anybody can learn quickly and easily.

Our workshops are designed to help individuals attain greater mental strength, transcend limiting perspectives, enhance focus, create clarity, and cultivate resilience.

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Our Greatitude corporate workshop menu is diverse, with each workshop addressing a specific theme and area of human development. We're also constantly upskilling our presenter team and adding to our range of premium corporate workshops and seminars.

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workplace tai chi workshop south africa

Tai Chi for Busy People

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: R9,970

This Tai Chi workshop introduces participants to the ancient, powerful art of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a gentle, calming exercise and mindfulness modality that easily and effortlessly integrates body and mind. Studies show that Tai Chi practice delivers astonishing benefits, ranging from decreased stress and greater mental capacity to a healthier immune system, enhanced brain function, injury prevention, sustained calmness and serenity, superior physical and psychological resilience, and greater awareness, harmony, and cooperation.

This 1-hour Tai Chi workshop shows participants how to easily and joyfully harness the physical practice and time-honored philosophical principles of Tai Chi to accomplish more – at work, in relationships, and for life. Even 5 minutes of Tai Chi practice a day can produce amazing results and profoundly positive changes.

Workplace harmony. Self-ownership. Greater confidence and focus. And people who not only accomplish more, but who do so with less conflict and far greater capacity.

This workplace Tai Chi seminar is suited to everyone, regardless of physical ability. The content is safe, extremely participant-friendly, and can also be easily adapted to those who may be differently abled.

The Greatitude Corporate Tai Chi Workshop includes:

  • Fascinating and entertaining insights into what Tai Chi really is - and what it isn't
  • How modern science validates the astonishing physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of Tai Chi.
  • An introduction to whole-body movement and sensitivity, and mind / body integration.
  • A simple, calming - yet powerful - short sequence of movements that participants learn easily and quickly - and can use every day.
  • A practical demonstration of how one simple Tai Chi principle can dramatically amplify your physical strength - instantly and without effort.
  • A focused, practical Tai Chi session that is incredibly tranquil, empowering, and powerfully transformative.


Each participant receives access to a free downloadable refresher video for ongoing reference and self-training.

Each participant receives a digital workbook, and anytime access to additional free, helpful Tai Chi resources.




workplace meditation course south africa

Meditation and Mindfulness for the Workplace

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: R9,970

"Mindfulness" has become a modern buzzword.

But what does it really mean, and can it really elevate your team's performance and wellbeing? In today's fast-paced business world, finding a moment of calm amidst chaos is not just a luxury – it's a necessity.

Join us for a dynamic, exclusive workshop that seamlessly integrates ancient mindfulness techniques with modern corporate demands. Your team will learn to navigate stress, enhance focus, and foster creativity through guided meditation sessions and practical mindfulness exercises.

Our expert instructors, backed by extensive corporate experience, understand the unique challenges you face – ensuring that this workshop is tailor-made for professionals like you.

The Greatitude Meditation and Mindfulness Corporate Workshop includes:

  • Easy, effortless breathwork and guided meditation techniques that anybody can learn and apply in any environment.
  • Powerful mental tools that equip your team to manage stress and maintain resilience, ultimately boosting overall productivity.
  • A simple mental decluttering technique that results in heightened insight, better logic, and more intelligent decision-making.
  • A contemplative technique that unlocks greater creativity and ideation for tasks and projects.

The benefits?

Enhanced concentration, innovative thinking and perspectives, decreased stress, greater team cohesion and purpose, and dramatically improved concentration and communication. Here, "well-being" takes on an entirely new meaning - and the effects are instant and powerful.


Each participant receives a digital workbook.

Each participant receives access to a free downloadable audio resource for personal use, should they wish to do so.




stoicism corporate workshop south africa

Stoicism: Resilience and Purpose 

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: R9,970

Elevate your team's mindset and performance with our exclusive corporate workshop on Stoicism for the workplace.

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, the wisdom of ancient Stoic philosophy offers invaluable tools for maintaining focus, resilience, and a winning attitude.

Join us for an enlightening workshop that seamlessly blends the timeless principles of Stoicism with modern workplace challenges. Equip your team with the mental fortitude to navigate uncertainties, setbacks, and pressures with grace and confidence. Our seasoned instructors, deeply rooted in both Stoic teachings and corporate dynamics, will guide your team on a transformative journey.

The Greatitude Stoicism Corporate Workshop includes:

  • Building a resilient mindset: your team will learn to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity, fostering a team that remains strong and focused under any circumstances.
  • Emotional Intelligence: your team will be shown easy, powerful Stoic techniques to manage emotions, resulting in improved communication, better conflict resolution, and visionary leadership.
  • Productive Habits: your team will learn a counterintuitive - but incredibly useful - method of developing internal and external habits that align with Stoic virtues. The result? Better time and focus management, smarter decision-making, and enhanced personal effectiveness.
  • Team Harmony: this training nurtures a culture of better mutual understanding and support, resulting in far more cohesive and meaningfully empowered teams.
  • This workshop includes participative segments where attendees are given practical examples and thought leadership tasks which they learn to address in real time, using Stoic techniques.

As a practical philosophy, Stoicism has been foundational in the lives of some of the world's most influential thinkers and powerful leaders throughout history. More than just an abstract framework, Stoicism offers immediate, highly effective, practical tools that offer immeasurable valuable in both corporate and personal settings.


Each participant receives a digital workbook.

Each participant receives access to free additional informational resources on applied Stoicism for personal use, should they wish to do so.




art of war workshop south africa

The Art of War: Lessons from Sun Tzu

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: R9,970

Can a battlefield manual become a playbook for ethical success in business?

The answer is yes.

And that's because Sun Tzu's timeless classic, The Art of War, is more than just a breathtakingly effective treatise on strategy and tactics. It's a masterclass on human nature, why we make the decisions we do, and how to achieve victory and success in business and in life.

In today's fluid and fast-evolving business landscape, the strategic insights from this ancient masterpiece are more relevant than ever. As entirely new industries create seismic market shifts, as AI looms large, and as your brand potentially faces some very real existential threats, it helps to enjoy an unfair advantage.  

Join us for an illuminating workshop that translates Sun Tzu's principles into actionable strategies for the corporate world. Equip your team with the tactics to outmaneuver competitors, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success. 

The Greatitude Art of War Corporate Workshop includes:

  • Why principles are more important than techniques when it comes to creation, iteration, and implementation in business.
  • How to intelligently adapt to swiftly changing market conditions, gaining a competitive edge through insightful planning and execution.
  • How to utilize leadership lessons from the battlefield to foster strong decision-making, faultless team alignment, and visionary guidance.
  • How to gain insights into your rivals' weaknesses and dominate your industry.
  • How to resolve conflicts without damaging relationships, ensuring a cohesive and productive work environment.

In addition to highly practical and immediate business application, your team will also be shown how Sun Tzu's strategic principles are employed in modern warfare by SEAL teams and intelligence networks - and some of the world's greatest business innovators - and how they can work for you, too.


Each participant receives a digital workbook.




focus formula greatitude corporate workshop

The Focus Formula: Developing Your Superpower

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: R9,970

Time management isn't the issue.

Focus management is.

Right now, the greatest battle faced by your teams is the war for their attention. 
The Greatitude Focus Formula Corporate Workshop offers simple systems, powerful tools, and deep insights into why so many people struggle with sustained focus - and how to change it.

The problem isn't just environmental, either. And if you have team members who suffer from ADHD or are neurodivergent, they'll also benefit enormously from this workshop.

The Greatitude Focus Formula Corporate Workshop includes:

  • The role played by social media and dopamine addiction.
  • How to create a "second brain" and free up neurological bandwidth.
  • How selective ignorance can amplify intelligence.
  • 3 simple techniques that will instantly empower your team members to accomplish more meaningful work, in less time, with less effort.
  • How team members can identify the key methods of focus enhancement that will serve them most effectively.
  • Practical tools that can be applied in the workplace - right away.



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