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HIRED GUN is a company that shares our vision.

A vision for life lived exuberantly, for adventure, for pushing the limits of what others think can't be done.

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The founder of Hired Gun is Ellis Levin, who is a pilot, adventurer, and Krav Maga enthusiast. When he's not flying, Ellis is either training or adventuring.

Whether it's a sojourn to the Himalayas in Nepal, scaling the peaks of Mount Rainier in Washington State, surfing hidden breaks off the coast of Cape Town, or hiking the scorching trails across the arid semidesert in Southern Africa's most isolated territories, Ellis is a man perpetually in motion.

He's a seeker.

By his own admission, he's also a child at heart, filled with wide-eyed wonder at the sprawling beauty of the world, an attitude that fuels his curiosity and excitement at every newly discovered horizon. 

Ellis has used the EDA system of Krav Maga on several occasions to protect himself - and just as importantly, to read and avoid potentially dangerous situations - in some of the world's more remote outposts.

"Krav Maga teaches you some very important perspectives," says Ellis. "And they're about internal control, too. When you're in the air, and the lives of other people depend on your skill and quick thinking, you need to channel exactly the kind of zone-focused thinking that Krav Maga specializes in."

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Ellis is a renowned aviator with a stellar resume, having flown some of world's largest commercial passenger airliners for decades, while, in tandem, simultaneously honing his craft as one of the most skilled aerobatic and stunt pilots in the business. 

"Hired Gun is about bringing back the pioneering spirit, the raw excitement, of adventurous old-school aviation," says Ellis. "And that's what we we're offering - from passenger aerobatic flips that are available to everyone, to specialized flight training for pilots who'd like to venture into the basics of aerobatic maneuvering, to stunt work for the motion picture industry." 

Hired Gun also partners with Elite Defence Academy International and 1834 Tactical to facilitate EDA Krav Maga adventure camps, combat train & tour safaris for international guest groups, and security protocol training for airlines and air charter companies.

Hired Gun is based at Rand Airport, and offers aerobatic flips to the public that are a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. These flights start at R2800-00 per person, and provide an opportunity to experience flight as you've never experienced it before.

Do YOU have what it takes?
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Hired Gun is also a supplier of premium artisanal coffee that is unmatched for its taste and potency - and as we can attest at Elite Defence Academy International, there's absolutely no better way to kick off an adventure day or a badass Krav Maga training session.

As the official coffee supplier to Elite Defence Academy International, the spirit of Hired Gun Coffee perfectly echoes our own philosophy of stretching the boundaries, embracing exploration and discovery, and getting out there to make things happen. Let's just say that this isn't a coffee you'd give to your grandmother. (Although who knows?)

That said, you don't have to train Krav Maga to enjoy Hired Gun Coffee. Nor do you have to throw yourself across the skies at ridiculous speeds, watching the horizon twist into a blur as the sun spins around you... but if you'd like to, you know who to call.


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Along with Ellis Levin, Sally Fleck is the co-founder of Hired Gun Coffee, and - in case you didn't already know - she's a force to be reckoned with.

Sally is a devoted mom, energetic entrepreneur, and of course, also a highly skilled aerobatic pilot who forms an integral part of the Hired Gun aviation team.

Sally's other hobby is breaking stereotypes, and she does so with phenomenal ease.

"When you're wingtip to wingtip, there's an enormous amount of confidence required," says Sally. "Confidence in your own skill level. And that confidence only comes from countless hours of training. That, and the knowledge that your teammates trust you as much as you trust them. It's a 'can-do' attitude, and my mission is to communicate the same fearless ambition through our amazing brand of coffee."

So, if you're into great taste and even better memories - we're here to tell you that this is a very special coffee.

Want some?

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We'll shortly be announcing a fantastic co-promotion with Hired Gun Coffee, where you can enter a draw to win an aerobatic flip in a Pitts Special!

Check in again shortly for details... and give yourself a head start by purchasing your very own Hired Gun Coffee. May the odds ever be in your favour!

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