The Best Krav Maga In The World!

Krav Maga evolution

I have a question for you:

Who makes the best mobile phone in the world? Apple, or Samsung?

Your answer will probably depend on which brand you buy or own. You might even pick another brand altogether, and swear that your particular brand of phone is the best.

Here’s another one:
Which of these two is a better car - a Ferrari, or a Tesla?

If you’re a high-flying corporate lawyer or a successful stockbroker looking to blow your bonus and massage your ego, maybe the Ferrari is a great choice.

If you’re someone who has a growing family, is environmentally conscious, and for whom safety is a priority, then maybe the Tesla is a more logical choice.

Here’s the thing, though. The Tesla is just as fast as the Ferrari. (In fact, it’s faster.)

So, to any halfway intelligent person, it becomes obvious that the “mine is better than yours” argument is something that’s relegated to the maturity level of a 7-year old on a school playground.

Krav Maga is bestAnd yet, over and over again, I see this being played out in the world of Krav Maga:

“My Krav Maga’s better than yours is.”

“My Krav Maga’s the original.” (Because someone taught it that way 70 years ago and we don’t dare try to improve it.)

“My Krav Maga is the only one that works. And yours can never work.” (7-year old sticks out tongue.)

“I’m the only one who knows anything about Krav Maga. Because I say so. And everyone else doesn’t.” (Pause here to hand the 7-year old a tissue.)

... and so on.

Because of the growth and success that we continue to enjoy, Elite Defence Academy International regularly comes in for petty criticism and derogatory comments from certain other insecure individuals in the world of Krav Maga and combatives.

Trolls. People who are jealous, insecure, or have an axe to grind.

And that, to us, is actually a very positive thing.

It means that we’re doing something meaningful, and moving forward. Because one of the hallmarks of progress by the extraordinary is resistance from the mediocre.

It infuriates our critics to know that our techniques and tactics actually do work in reality, when they’d like their cult members to believe otherwise about us.

It infuriates our critics when we don’t respond to their attempts at baiting us... simply because we frankly don’t have time for childish behavior or immaturity, and are too busy focusing on our own business and enjoying what we do.

It infuriates our critics when we choose politeness and civility in response to rudeness and arrogance.

And most of all, it seems to infuriate our critics that we dare to have a big, broad vision for the future of our system of Krav Maga, and that so many intelligent people see the value in it.

That, and the fact that our “brand” of Krav Maga has changed the lives - and saved the lives of some - of thousands of people in the past decade and a half.

We don’t criticize others, we don’t try to “prove” that their Krav Maga is somehow inferior, we don’t behave like thugs or “challenge” systems or people.

Why? Because we choose not to be douchebags, that’s why.

The face puckers up, and the 7-year old’s fingers tremble over the keyboard.

And how do we respond? To all our dear critics and trolls out there, we wish you happiness and long life.

And we smile, and wave, and keep moving forward.

Oh, and by the way... being nice is not a sign of weakness, or lack of courage. In fact, quite the opposite.

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