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des brown krav magaElite Defence Academy International is South Africa's premier Krav Maga training organization. Our system of Krav Maga is highly effective, easy to learn, and suited to everyone - regardless of your existing fitness or experience level.

With more than 26 certified Krav Maga instructors and 18+ clubs across South Africa and 6 other countries (as well as online students in 15 additional countries), we offer professional coaching in one of the most effective self defense systems you'll ever encounter.

We've been leading the way in Krav Maga instruction for more than 15 years, and if you choose to train with us, you have peace of mind in knowing that we've earned a reputation for excellence at every level.


rob paynter krav magaKrav Maga is a system of practical self defense and hand to hand combat that originated in Israel in the 1930's, and in the modern world, it has grown to be an enormously popular choice for folks simply seeking intelligent self defense training that has been proven to work (and doesn't require decades of practice to become proficient!).

Krav Maga isn't a sport. Many combat-styled sports and martial arts have a lot to offer, but they don't usually teach you what to do in a real-life crisis - for example, when confronted by a weapon, or facing multiple attackers, or severely disadvantaged in a crisis.
They also don't usually teach you how to use practical weapons for self defense, how to develop supernatural situational awareness and avoidance skills, or how to train your mind to turn fear into focus. 

Although we have been affiliated with highly reputable Israeli-based Krav Maga organizations and experts in the past, Elite Defence Academy is proudly independent, teaching a system of Krav Maga that is 100% reality-based, and not limited by organizational politics, tradition, or a "one size fits all" approach.


In our 15+ years of existence, Elite Defence Academy International has never lost a student or instructor to an act of violence, and we have a 100% survival record.

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In our organization, everyone is welcome. Whether you're a complete beginner, or someone who who already has some experience and would like to expand on your skill set, we  have what you're looking for.

Our classes and clubs are extremely visitor-friendly and beginner-friendly. 
In addition to physical techniques, we also teach really important awareness and avoidance techniques, how to read body language, how to de-escalate a potential conflict, and how the criminal mind works.

Knowledge is power - and so you'll understand the dynamics of criminal behavior, how to intuitively recognize and avoid bad situations, and how to deal decisively and powerfully with a situation where you have to physically defend yourself or your loved ones.

The great thing about Krav Maga is that you don't have to train for years to become decently skilled. So, you can train when you want, where you want - and at your own pace. Every single lesson we offer, every class or video, gives you one more layer of skill that you can instantly add to your knowledge and ability.

To put it simply, it's extremely user-friendly, and learning even the basics of Krav Maga will give you skills you may never have thought were possible.

The best way to get started is to visit one of our Krav Maga clubs, and if you can't get to us, you also have the option of learning via our detailed Krav Maga tutorial videos. 

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We operate according to a well-defined Krav Maga syllabus, with different levels of progression. We use a belt ranking system to gauge progress. (Some Krav Maga organizations use a "level" system, some use belt rankings, and some do not offer ranking at all.)

The syllabus is designed in such a way that you can sign up at any point, and start progressing immediately.

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Participation in belt gradings is not compulsory, and you are completely free to decide whether you'd like to or not, as you progress. However, belt gradings are an extremely practical way to set shorter-term learning goals, gauging your progress realistically via expert evaluation at intervals, and of course developing a very good 'picture' of how Krav Maga techniques and principles fit together to form a coherent picture as you advance in experience and expertise.


We value and respect every single one of our members, and the EDA culture is one of family and inclusivity. You do not have to have prior experience, or be in any kind of physical condition, and age does not matter. We do not discriminate at all, and welcome everyone, regardless of nationality, religious preference, ethnicity, gender identity, or anything else.

Our Prime Directive is the preservation of life, which implies not just common sense self defense, but also kindness and consideration for the dignity and wellbeing of others. This is particularly important, because many of the techniques you are taught will enable you to potentially cause severe injury or even death to someone, and so it is necessary to accompany this with a foundation of maturity, self control, and compassion toward others.

Our culture is also one of excellence and diligence. We teach a proven and extremely effective system of Krav Maga, and we expect our members to invest in their training with equal sincerity and attentiveness.
However, each trainee is able to progress at their own rate, and we assist and encourage you every step of the way.


You're welcome to take a read through some of our blog articles if you'd like to, or browse our store to see what we offer.

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If there's anything you'd like to know more about, please feel free to drop us a mail at des@edakravmaga.com and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions or help you out.

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