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Des Brown is the founder of Elite Defence Academy International.

Des is a lifelong martial arts enthusiast, and in addition to traditional martial arts training, has taught Krav Maga and practical combatives for the past 18 years.

 des brown elite defence academy



Traditional Martial Arts Training

1980s / 1990s:
Shukokai Karate (Sensei Robert Findlay)
Goju Kai Karate (Senseis Alan & Colin Robertson)
Japanese Jujutsu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi (sporadic exposure and crosstraining with available local teachers)


Military Service

Des is a combat veteran who served in the South African Defence Force.

Basic training: 10 Artillery Brigade (4 Field Regiment)
Mechanized division incorporation: 4 SAI Battalion
Cross-border operations: 32 Battalion 

des brown military service



Krav Maga

In the early 2000s, Des began earnest research into martial arts systems that would provide realistic and holistic solutions to modern urban crime and violence.

The answer came through the renowned Jeff Miller, who expertly provided him with the tools to begin learning and teaching Krav Maga effectively.

Des founded Elite Defence Academy in 2007, and subsequently trained under Moshe Katz (Ma’aleh Adumim, Israel), affiliating with Israeli Krav International (IKI).


des brown krav maga certification


Some years later, Elite Defence Academy International broke away from external affiliation and became an independent, solely South African-based group, with emphasis on context-specific civilian training geared toward the unique needs and circumstances of those experiencing urban crime in South Africa.

This meant greater freedom to adapt and evolve the syllabus and system outside of the rigid restrictions of tradition, and the development of a group culture that emphasizes openness, careful innovation, and practicality born from real-life experience.

For this purpose, Des has networked and crosstrained with various combatives and tactical response instructors, firearm and bladed weapon specialists, and others.

Elite Defence Academy International is widely regarded as South Africa's premier Krav Maga and self defense training organization with a network of affiliated instructors and clubs across South Africa, as well as in Namibia, Kenya, Botswana, Scotland, and Australia. More than ten thousand students in 12+ countries around the world have benefited from the EDA system, both via formal club training as well as virtual training, in addition to standalone workshops and seminars designed to equip individuals with practical self defense skills.


des brown elite defence academy krav maga


 des brown elite defence academy krav maga



Piper Knife System

In addition to teaching Krav Maga at a high level, Des is also a certified Piper Knife System instructor, personally trained by Piper founder Nigel E. February. 


piper knife instructor des brown



Beyond Krav Maga

In addition to Krav Maga, and as part of his personal development, Des continues to study, and practices Fairbairn combatives, elements of Filipino stick work, Keysi Fighting Method (Justo Dieguez), and HEMA (notably saber and rapier).

He is a passionate and lifelong Tai Chi practitioner.


Author & Speaker

Outside of his role as a Krav Maga instructor, Des is a corporate facilitator and event speaker specializing in martial arts philosophy applied to strategy, conflict resolution, personal development, and self-actualization.

Alongside his wife, Jennifer, Des is a senior copywriter and digital content producer serving local and international corporate clients.

Des is also a novelist and an award-winning writer in the science fiction and supernatural thriller genre.