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home security in south africa


In South Africa, home security is an absolute priority.

According to official statistics, South Africa experiences more than 23,000 violent home invasions every year - in addition to more than a million housebreaking crimes.

Of course, this only represents the official figure. Remember that a vast number of break-ins or attempted burglaries aren't even reported to police in South Africa.

No matter where you live, or how secure you may think you are, having multiple intelligent layers of home security - plus smart home defense strategies and basic self defense skills - could save you and your family from a tragic situation.


how to defend against a home invasion in south africa



Our personalized Home Safety & Security Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to successfully prevent break-ins or home invasions - and to enable you to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones in the event of a crisis.

This course is structured so you can adapt the content to your own unique circumstances and requirements. From basic deterrents and security measures to highly effective personal and home defense tactics, you gain tools and skills that enable you to more effectively deal with the specter of violent crime within your own home.



how to protect yourself in a home invasion


Keeping your family safe may be simpler than you think.


The EDA Home Safety & Security Training Course

This course can be facilitated one-on-one, or to small groups. It's designed to bolt onto your existing safety and security measures, and is highly interactive in nature.

We provide a digital workbook and itemized checklist that serves as a personalized safety roadmap for your own home and family.


Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Fee: R3,470 per person / household (or R5,970 for 2 households booking at one time)

Course Content:

Module 1: Criminal Tactics and Incident Deterrence Measures

  • Common criminal strategies and tactics
  • Designing routes, routines, and response measures
  • Creating a multifaceted communication strategy
  • The "onion ring" method of creating layered home security

Module 2: Physical and Electronic Home Surveillance

  • Using the Reticular Activating System to optimize personal situational awareness
  • Strategic placement of PIRs, cameras, and other sensors

Module 3: Physical Barriers

  • Flexible vs rigid layers of deterrence & defense
  • Compartmentalizing your home
  • Safe rooms and incident response strategies

Module 4: Legalities of Home & Personal Defense

  • What you may and may not do to protect your property and person
  • Use of force and what constitutes lawful self defense


Module 5: Confrontation: Safety Priorities 

  • 3-Step Protocol: Compliance, Engagement, Escape
  • Key considerations if engagement is unavoidable
  • Mindset, fear control, decisionmaking framework 


Module 6: Use of Force and Force Multipliers

  • Firearms (if applicable), cold weapons, and weapons of opportunity
  • Fundamental hand to hand combatives techniques

Please note: Our course facilitation instructors are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For bookings farther afield, a travel fee may be required.


For more information, or to make a booking, please contact us at des@edakravmaga.com.