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safety for female travelers in south africa


If you're a solo female traveler heading abroad, or simply relocating to a new and unfamiliar environment, this course is for you.


solo female traveler self defense course


Even if you don't follow world news, you probably know that we live in uncertain times.

That shouldn't hold you back, though - because with the right knowledge and skills, you can travel with peace of mind.

Whether you're an experienced solo female traveler, or maybe setting out on a gap year for the very first time - or even relocating to an unfamiliar city - it's a great idea to have some practical personal safety skills and self defense skills at hand.

Our Solo Female Traveler Personalized Training Course is designed to equip you for your travels in some very specific ways. It's good to remember that the more prepared you are, the more options you have in a tight spot or potential crisis. Even the most street-smart travelers can get caught out - whether by fraudsters, petty thieves, or worse.

Taking responsibility for your own safety and security is possibly the most important thing you can do, especially in environments that could range from culturally unfamiliar or disorienting, to downright hostile or dangerous. Unfortunately, crime is everywhere - and many perpetrators operate in syndicates, gangs, or as part of human trafficking syndicates.

That doesn't mean you need to be unnecessarily worried or paranoid, though. With the right training, a simple set of proven personal safety principles, and some really smart tools and techniques at your disposal, you can stay perfectly safe and avoid the bad guys.

And, if absolutely necessary in a crisis, you'll also learn how to physically defend yourself in some pretty amazing ways.


safety tips for female travelers in south africa


safety tips for female travelers in south africa



The Solo Female Traveler Personalized Training Course  

This course can be facilitated one-on-one, or to small groups. It's designed to interface with your specific circumstances and needs - so the content is tailored to fit individual requirements.

Included in the course is a comprehensive workbook and personal checklist just for you, that simplifies everything taught - and can be referred to and used in real time while traveling.


Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Fee (Single Individual): R3,470 per person

Course Fee (2 participants): R1,970 per person

Course Fee (3 or more participants): R1,270 per person


Course Content:

Module 1: Fundamental Planning & Prep Essentials 

  • Planning and preparation (includes free digital checklists and process flows)
  • Ensuring end-to-end communication and travel backup
  • Establishing psychological and physical circles of safety

Module 2: Situational Awareness & Hazard Avoidance

  • Automatic heightened perception and relaxed awareness techniques
  • Spotting anomalies and reading situations intelligently
  • Understanding points of inflection
  • Guarding against common criminal tactics

Module 3: Behavioral Basics

  • Dealing with unwanted attention, harassment, or stalking
  • Body language, verbal assertiveness, and projecting intention
  • How criminals pick targets - and how not to become one

Module 4: Essential Privacy Maintenance Skills

  • How to tell if you're being followed on foot or in a vehicle
  • How to check if you're being filmed, recorded, or surveilled in a hotel or residence
  • Predator profiling: identifying suspicious behavior

Module 5: Personal Security in Public

  • Club / social gathering safety imperatives
  • Mall and public space personal safety
  • Safety measures on public transport or ride sharing services

Module 6: Physical & Environmental Security Measures

  • Creating simple barriers, barricades, and early warning systems in a hotel room or place of residence

Module 7: Physical Self Defense Essentials

  • Vital targets and striking techniques
  • Defenses vs grabs or chokes
  • Fundamental anti-abduction self defense techniques
  • Self defense against attempted sexual assault
  • Using an umbrella or rolled up magazine as a self defense weapon
  • Using a pen or similar object as a self defense weapon
  • Using a cellphone as a self defense weapon
  • Opportunistic weapons and smart defensive tactics in a crisis


Please note: Our course facilitation instructors are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For bookings farther afield, a travel fee may be required. 


For more information, or to make a booking, please contact us at