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self defense course for companies



self defence courseElite Defence Academy International is South Africa's largest and most well established self defense training organization. We facilitate corporate workshops that are professional, fun, informative, and practical.

Anyone can participate, regardless of age or physical condition - and we offer both onsite as well as online workshops according to your needs.

We've been training and teaching practical self defense and personal safety to corporate groups for 15 years. Our clients range from startups and service organizations to media houses, banks, and blue chip multinationals.

We're uniquely equipped to provide expert, relevant self defence training that ranges from once-off workshops and seminars to teambuilding events and ongoing self defense courses.

Here are just some of our clients:

self defence course


We offer standard workshop options, in addition to specialized workshops and other courses which can be tailored to suit your company's requirements.


self defense course for companies


Our standard 1-Hour Corporate Self Defense Workshop includes the following:

  • Practical crime awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Using psychology and mindset to avoid becoming a victim of crime
  • Vital targets and self defense striking techniques
  • Defenses and escapes against grabs, holds, or chokes



company self defense course


Our standard 2-Hour Corporate Self Defense Workshop includes the following:

  • Practical crime awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Using psychology and mindset to avoid becoming a victim of crime
  • How to eliminate fear and boost self-confidence
  • Self-empowerment and creating circles of social safety
  • Vital targets and self defence striking techniques
  • Defenses and escapes against grabs, holds, or chokes
  • Simple defenses against attempted sexual assault or assault on the ground
  • How to safely use common self-defence tools like pepper spray or a taser, as well as using everyday objects for practical self defense
  • How to deal intelligently and safely with an armed threat like a holdup



self defence course for companies

We also offer tailor-made workshops that are perfectly suited to corporate year-end functions, teambuilding days, promotional events, and motivational speaking events.

In these workshops, participants enjoy interactive and inspiring presentations, activities, and demonstrations that are utterly unique and memorable. 

These workshops or courses can be designed to fit any theme, and combine practical insight and teaching with captivating entertainment. Personal empowerment is central to everything we convey, and every event is designed for exuberant fun, inclusive interactivity, and memorable moments that enrich lives and broaden perspectives.

To find out more about our special events and teambuilding workshops, please contact us at




key ring self defense

Every participant at our onsite self defense workshops receives a free keyring self defense tool valued at R49. There is no charge for this item, and it is included in our standard pricing. 

The keyring tool is a simple, versatile personal protection measure that can be carried anywhere and used in a number of powerful and surprising ways, and participants are shown how to utilize it.



self defense video

Every participant at our onsite or online self defense workshops receives a free refresher video which they can download and keep.

Corporate branding option: For companies that would like to distribute or display a branded version of this video, we can produce a copy branded to your specifications at an additional fee of R1850. This is ideal for display on your company or staff training website, should you wish to do so. 

The video helps participants to easily recall what they have learned, adding enormous value to your workshop.



If you'd like to add even more value to your company's workshop, consider these optional extras:


krav maga certificate

At an additional R25 per person, you can issue each participant with an official Elite Defence Academy International certificate of completion.

A certificate presentation adds a great deal of prestige to a workshop or course (or a staff awards event at a later stage), and enables your company to present participants with a tangible symbol of recognition for attendance. 


pepper spray for self defence

These self-defence items are a fantastic optional add-on to a workshop or course.

If you order either of these self defense tools for your participants, we also include a section in the workshop which shows them how to use these items safely and effectively.

Stun Gun (Pocket Carry): R380 each
Pepper Spray (Easy Access): R160 each.

*Please note: Item appearance or specification may vary slightly depending on current availability 



We also present workshops that deal with specific scenarios or topics. These include:


anti hijack course

Duration: 2 Hours
Onsite Workshop: R440 per person
Online Workshop: R390 per person

Carjacking in South Africa is a daily occurrence, often ending in needless injury and harm to innocent people.

In this workshop, your attendees learn key safety skills - hijacking avoidance techniques, safe compliance protocols, and essential techniques to assist in preventing vehicle violence and personal harm.



anti abduction courseDuration: 2 Hours

Onsite Workshop: R440 per person
Online Workshop: R390 per person

With the rise in awareness of global human trafficking, this workshop is a must-do for anyone concerned with their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Participants learn about the motives and methods of human traffickers; how to avoid becoming a target, how to identify potentially unsafe people or situations, and how to fight back effectively and escape to safety in a crisis. 


crisis management courseDuration: 2 Hours

Onsite Workshop: R440 per person
Online Workshop: R390 per person

Banks, malls, and retail outlets are all common targets for armed criminals. In addition, a staff member may encounter aggression from members of the public.

In this workshop, participants learn key methods and techniques for dealing safely with aggressive or violent customers; safe protocols for an armed robbery or public safety crisis; and how to respond intelligently in order to survive and escape an active shooter situation.



The Krav Maga-based self defence training we offer is 100% safe and user-friendly, and our workshops are suited to women and men of all ages, regardless of physical ability.

Our workshops teach practical personal safety and effective, intelligent self defense - but they do more than that.


We understand that meaningful change begins with the mind, and so our workshop training is a blend of inspirational interaction and impactful life lessons on safety and personal empowerment that will leave your attendees inspired and motivated.

We adapt our presentation to resonate with every audience, whether comprised of factory floor workers or highly qualified company executives.

corporate self defence course

The lessons and anecdotes that we incorporate into our workshop sessions are designed to have a positive influence far beyond the immediate teaching on self-protection. These principles also translate into life lessons that have a profoundly positive effect on every attendee’s self-confidence, practical ability, and habits.

Some of the results of this approach include:

  • Positive conflict resolution techniques that can be applied in the workplace
  • The ability to remain calm in a crisis situation – whether social, business, or crime-related
  • The ability to reduce stress and deal with fear more effectively
  • An enhanced sense of focus and purpose

We use humour, questions, and genuine interaction with our audience to achieve this, and many people who have experienced this approach have remarked on just how personal and meaningful a workshop like this can be.

For many people, actively learning genuine self confidence and personal safety is something they’ve never been exposed to. Our goal is to make our workshops as enjoyable – and yet as practical – as possible, by providing a host of skills that are quickly and easily mastered. 



Feedback from just some of our clients:


self defense for groups

“I booked your workshop for my women’s empowerment movement, End Girl hate, and to say that I am impressed would be an understatement.

The way that you were able to inspire our group and empower and equip the girls and women there, was eye-opening. My ladies haven’t stopped raving about how easy and powerful the techniques are, and about how their lives have changed as a result.

What you are doing makes an enormous difference and is exactly what our society needs in order to practically empower women of all ages. 

You are professionals, and truly amazing people to work with! I’ve already booked you for my next two events in Pretoria.”


self defence course for corporate

“All I can say is WOW. You guys are AMAZING!!

On behalf of all the women at Nike South Africa, we would like to say THANK YOU for such an empowering workshop.

It wasn't just a self defense course. It opened our eyes to so much, and the fact that every woman is powerful with the right tools and skills. It was practical and uplifting and exactly in line with what Nike stands for.

The ladies loved every moment, and I can tell you that it made a huge impact. I would recommend you to anybody out there!”


company self defence course

“From start to finish, the three workshops that we booked with you were world-class. This is something that has had a tangibly positive impact on our staff, and I must say that I enjoyed it thoroughly myself.

It's obvious that you teach with a great deal of expertise, and I have no hesitation in saying that your group is far ahead of the competition in your field.

I also really appreciated the human element, and the way you took time to connect with everyone. It felt personal and very empowering. We have a very comprehensive staff wellness program and this is a very important part of it.

We will most definitely be booking you for our next round of events.”


company self defence course

“When we hosted the largest insurance conference in sub-Saharan Africa, and needed something different and captivating as a value-add, your team rose to the challenge. It was amazing to see how people emerged from your workshops, literally ‘bouncing off the walls’.

We work with some of the best presenters and event personalities in South Africa, and you exceeded our expectations. Everybody who was there could not stop talking about it. One thing you do very well is communicate personally with the audience, and I believe everybody gained really valuable skills that promote self confidence and safety.

I would recommend you to to any company out there. You are at the top of your game.”


ladies self defence course for companies

“What an amazing and empowering series of workshops. Our ladies (and men) haven’t stopped talking about it.

I would like to thank you for the professional and highly entertaining presentations, and for the life-saving skills you imparted to so many people at SAPPI.

Your approach shows that you care about every person who attends your courses and we have received extremely positive feedback from everyone who attended.

We will most definitely be using your services again, and I would recommend your self defence workshops to every company.”


book a self defence course 


For enquiries, or to secure a booking, please contact us:

company self defence course booking


Please note that the following terms apply:

1) Upon confirmation of the client’s requirements and acceptance of the quotation provided, the amount payable is invoiced to the client and the full amount becomes payable to secure the booking.
No workshops will be conducted until full payment has been received.

2) Should a workshop be postponed or cancelled by a client, please note that we do not issue refunds. However, we are happy to reschedule a workshop should this occur.

3) Elite Defence Academy International charges a travel fee R3.00 per kilometre to travel to venues exceeding a distance of 100km from Johannesburg or Cape Town.

4) Should the workshop be more than 3 hours’ travel distance from Johannesburg or Cape Town, overnight accommodation may be required for our instructor/s for the night of the workshop. (Only in certain circumstances, and we would confirm this in advance upon receiving booking query).

5) Should the travel distance exceed 6 hours of travel from Johannesburg, our instructor/s will require a return flight from O.R. Tambo International airport or Cape Town International airport, dependent upon proximity and instructor/s available.

6) In the event of a flight being booked, the instructor/s require transport from the airport to the workshop venue and from the workshop venue to the airport.

7) In the event of a flight being cancelled, and no alternative flight being available, then the client is liable for any accommodation costs incurred, and is required to reimburse Elite Defence Academy no later than 7 days after said flight.

8) Although our workshops are facilitated safely and professionally, all participants are required to sign an indemnity and disclaimer prior to commencement of a workshop.