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Human trafficking in South Africa is a reality.

Abductions happen for purposes of ransom, exploitation, or worse - and human trafficking networks are not confined to a single country or region.

The methods used by traffickers and individuals are often highly sophisticated and well planned, and by understanding these tactics and having the right knowledge, you will automatically be creating a safer, more secure environment for yourself and others.



anti abduction course south africa



The EDA Corporate Anti-Abduction Workshop

Each participant is given a comprehensive digital workbook which enables them to refresh what they have learned, and to communicate key points to family members and others. The training we offer is 100% safe, inclusive, and suited to everyone regardless of physical ability.

We' re sensitive to the fact that there may be participants in any workshop who have perhaps experienced prior trauma, and we take great care to  approach our presentation from this perspective - in an encouraging, supportive, and empowering manner.

Course Duration: 1 Hour


8 - 15 participants: R630 per person

16 - 30 participants: R450 per person

31 - 40 participants: R370 per person

For groups larger than 40 participants in a single workshop, please contact us for a quotation.




Our standard 1-Hour Corporate Anti-Abduction Workshop includes the following:

Strategies and techniques used by human traffickers

  • The use of lures, setups, and entrapment
  • Informers, tip-offs, and opportunistic abduction situations
  • Where and how most abductions statistically take place
  • Trafficking networks, facilitators, and "clients"

Identifying setups and red flag situations

  • Routine situational awareness techniques
  • Places or situations where high vigilance is required
  • Personal information security and online security
  • How to tell if you are being potentially targeted

Anti-abduction preventive measures

  • Creating daily concentric circles of safety
  • Establishing emergency communication protocols in case of a crisis
  • Body language, psychology, and techniques to ward off potential approaches or points of inception

Practical self defense techniques in a crisis

  • Key targets and striking techniques
  • Fighting back against ambush-type abduction attempts
  • The use of in-hand or opportunistic weapons for self defense
  • Fighting back inside a vehicle or confined space

Please note: Our course facilitation instructors are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For bookings farther afield, a travel fee may be required.




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