The Human Face Of Krav Maga

 We're normal. We're human. And we like to have fun.

The first time I stepped into a martial arts class, I was intimidated as hell. 

Despite the fact that I'm tall, bigger than average, and reasonably strong for my size, I still felt that familiar stirring of doubt (and even a twinge of fear), because it was pretty obvious from the start that I was way out of my depth.

So it occurs to me that if I felt that way, then what's it like for other people?


Ask any Krav Maga instructor, and they'll tell you that one of their greatest frustrations is the invisible wall that stands between them and so many people who'd like to learn what they offer.

Invisible wall, I hear you ask? What's he talking about?

See, it works like this:
People watch a video on YouTube, and they're inspired. They see a documentary or a movie about elite special forces, and they're inspired. They hear that Brad Pitt does Krav Maga, and they're inspired. They hear the same thing about Angelina, and about Daniel Craig. Same for Jessica Chastain, and Leo DiCaprio, and Tom Cruise.

And they're inspired.

(It's all true, by the way. Those guys do all practice Krav Maga, and that's why their fight scenes are edgy and realistic and superhero cool.) 

And over the decades, Krav Maga has done a great job of building up a reputation as a no-nonsense, practical system of self defense. 

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Ah, but the internet. The home of tough-looking Krav Maga peeps, all trying to outdo each other and show how deadly their skills are.

There's a lot of tough guy posturing.

*Stares intensely into the camera*.

Also, apparently, snarling and shouting sometimes makes you seem tougher. Some dudes like to show off their acrobatic skill, and strike dramatic poses as part of their "expert" performance. These guys seem to like camo trousers and tight T-shirts a lot, too, and most of them don't like to smile very much. They look like there's an enemy around every corner, like they're in the middle of some covert special recon mission on YouTube.

If there was a subtitle, it would be: come at me, bro.

A lot of it looks good. It looks professional and badass, and - actually - I think, deep down, a lot of people wish they could learn cool skills like that.

The logical next step - you'd imagine - would be to look up a Krav Maga class nearby and book an introductory session. Right?

But as you reach for the phone, suddenly the doubts and misgivings start to pile up pretty quickly:

  • What if I can't keep up, or I'm not fit enough?
  • What if I get hurt? (So much testosterone in those videos I watched!)
  • I can never be as good as those guys I saw. Why should I even try?
  • I have two left feet. I'm totally gonna screw this up. They're all going to laugh at me. 

Or, here's another commonly recurring theme: I'm a normal person who doesn't like violence. I know that I should learn some self defense skills, but you know, if I surround myself with violent people, I might become just like them.

And just like that, you've built an invisible wall in your head. And the knock-them-down-drag-them-out internet tough guys helped you build it.

So, that phone call doesn't happen. That email gets deleted. And one of the most positive, empowering journeys you could ever embark on... gets erased from your life map before you even take the first step.  


Newsflash: nobody who does Krav Maga is superhuman, not even "experts", no matter how awesome they may appear to be. And they certainly didn't start out with the skills they have now. Believe it or not, even the most accomplished Krav Maga experts have off days. They make mistakes. They keep on learning - and if they truly understand the goal of Krav Maga, they do it with humour and humanity and compassion.

At Elite Defence Academy International, we're very aware of the "invisible wall" - and I want to tell you, right now, that every objection in your head, every doubt, every whisper, is false.

You ARE good enough. You CAN do this. And at EDA International, we're not knuckleheads.

Our classes are incredibly visitor-friendly, and our instructors will go out of their way to help you feel at home.

Yes, we're experts, in every sense of the word. But we don't pretend to be something we're not. And our philosophy is to help you, to encourage you, and to support you every step of the way.


imi lichtenfeld

Imi Lichtenfeld, the man who many consider to be one of the most important historic founders of modern civilian Krav Maga, famously said that the purpose of learning Krav Maga was not to brandish power, or go to war, or for belligerence and ego. Rather, he said, it is "so that one may walk in peace".

And we subscribe to that philosophy, wholeheartedly.

When you step into a Krav Maga class at Elite Defence Academy International, you'll quickly realize that our purpose is not restricted to just teaching hand to hand combat techniques (although that's what we do, of course).

Our greater purpose is to work toward a society - and a world - where everyone can walk in peace. We don't discriminate, there are no egos, and we treat our students, supporters, and instructors, like family.

Krav Maga, taught correctly, enables you to live life on your terms.

Isn't that what you want?

So let's demolish that invisible wall together.



Call us, message us, or mail us. Do it today. And come and see what we have to offer. It may just be the very best thing you've ever done for yourself.

Come and join our family.

You're welcome.

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