Two Journeys in Krav Maga

Want to learn Krav Maga
, but not completely sure what you’re signing up for?

I've noticed a phenomenon lately that's had an impact on people's perception of what Krav Maga actually is, and it hasn't been a good thing.

Chances are, you may have been negatively influenced by some not-so-wonderful characters out there who typify everything that Krav Maga shouldn't be.

I'm talking here about the problem of “tough guy” wannabes who practice Krav Maga.

You can spot them a mile away. In fact, you'll hear them before you even see them, so to speak... because they'd like everyone to know just how magnificent they are.

Did I mention that these dudes are also the only ones who know anything at all about Krav Maga? Oh, yes, they do. And that's because their system – and their guru, if they have one - is as infallible and eternal as the Universe itself.

Theirs is the "only" way. The "true" way.

Any and every other system of Krav Maga? Sorry, folks, it just doesn't match up. In fact, anything else out there is pathetic and contemptible, and it will "never work" (even if it's been proven to work in the most astonishing ways). Rudeness, and aggression, is the norm in these here parts.

Mmmm. Fragile egos, anyone?

Anyway. Because of this, quite a few unsuspecting members of the public have concluded that Krav Maga is the willing domain of braggarts and bullies - and that they'd rather stay away from people like that.

And who could blame them?


It goes without saying that bad behavior is not at all appealing to the vast majority of normal, intelligent women and men out there who would really like to learn the fantastic skills we teach. It’s really bad PR for an otherwise amazing system of personal defense and close combat that offers so much in terms of personal transformation on so many levels.

In South Africa, we seem to be particularly stricken with this kind of stupid, and I suspect it has something to do with poor character combined with an already hyper-aggressive society.

Specimens like these, whose only goal is to be perceived as “tough” and “dangerous”, ultimately end up hurting themselves and other people.

It’s not just South Africa, though. I’ve seen this in quite a few unsavory characters, even some who hail from Israel, where you’d think there would be some sort of attempt at regulation or even a commonly agreed upon code of conduct among those who are essentially ambassadors for Krav Maga. Having said that, though, don’t get me wrong – there are a great many Krav Maga instructors and ambassadors from Israel who are outstanding men and women, and who are highly respected for all the right reasons.

So what am I getting at here?

Simply this: Show me a student, and I can tell you pretty much everything about his or her teacher.

Historically, this is why the traditional martial arts have always placed huge emphasis on self-discipline and sound character as prerequisites for any student – and it's as important today as it has ever been.
As an instructor, why on earth would you want to teach combative skills to someone who is mentally and emotionally unstable? It makes zero sense, except in the mind of an “instructor” who might take pride in seeing others become just as unstable and aggressive as himself.

That's why, at EDA Krav Maga International, we teach two journeys – an inner journey, and an outer journey.


The outer journey consists of learning how to physically defend yourself when it’s appropriate to do so, and actually becoming more skilled and resilient.

By contrast, the inner journey consists of examining why we do what we do, every step of the way, and guarding our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. And there’s a very good reason for doing that.

Characteristics like self-restraint, absence of ego, and sincere humility are often seen as the domain of religions or esoteric spiritual practices. But, for us, they form an integral part of what our instructors teach their students.

Why? It's obvious: the last thing we need on this planet are more immature knuckleheads who run around “practicing” their skills on anyone they like, behaving like bullies, and generally being bringing Krav Maga into disrepute.

Does that mean that we're somehow "soft" by comparison? No, not at all.

Make no mistake: our system of Krav Maga in its totality is as good as - and in many cases, better than - anything else you'll find out there. Our philosophy, though, is to keep things understated... until it becomes necessary to pull out the hammer.

But this isn’t only about physical self control. It’s about exercising thought and speech that is respectful, considerate, and empathic toward others – even those with whom we may disagree.

Because that’s what “being civilized” means. It means using your physical prowess, your intellect, and your gifts to edify others. And if you’re not doing that (or at least striving to), then in my opinion, you have no business wanting to learn Krav Maga or any other combative art.

There’s an old saying that goes: If you don’t control your thoughts, then someone else will control them for you.

This is as true in everyday life as it is in combat. 


At Elite Defence Academy International, we’re big on culture. And by culture, I mean our code of ethics, toward each other, and toward everyone else.

Our culture is also one of family, first and foremost. Our instructors actually care deeply for the people they teach, and one of the most powerful and sincere ways of helping someone through their own life journey – with all its ups and downs – is to show them compassion in all things.

Our culture is also one of excellence. We encourage every student to become more than what he or she ever thought was possible, to move past self-imposed limitations, and in doing so to be an inspiration to others as well.

Every student starts out just where they are, and we don’t mind – you can be an experienced athlete, a couch potato, a nervous newbie, it doesn’t matter. What we do work on is getting you to experience a state of self-belief that guarantees you’ll never be the same, and that you’ll never settle for average. And in the process, your life changes in ways that you never dreamed were possible.

If you’re already an EDA Krav Maga student, you’ll know this to be true.

And, if you’re joining us for the first time – or thinking about it – you’re in for the journey of a lifetime. Some of the many payoffs (apart from actual fighting skill) include reduced stress, better health, physical strength, greater self-control and perspective, the disappearance of fear, and greater personal freedom in your life.

Not to mention that you become (or remain) the kind of person others can relate to, be inspired by, and will want to associate with.

Sound like a good deal?

Join us then, and watch the best part of your life begin to reveal itself.

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