AML Policy


elite defence academy international policy



Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Policy Statement:

Elite Defence Academy International is a training group comprised of networked service providers, individuals, and affiliates, who provide training services using our systems, intellectual property, brand, and resources.

As a matter of policy, we take all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that we do not deal with, facilitate, or enable money laundering of any description.

We further require that all persons or entities acting either within our direct oversight, on our behalf, or in any way within the ambit of our brand and associated brands, comply with our policies regarding the prevention of money laundering, preventing the enabling of criminal financial activity, and the prevention of terrorism financing, in any way whatsoever.

We commit to:

• Not engaging in business or any other practice with individuals, business entities, or groups who may be or are suspected of money laundering, terrorism financing, or criminal activity or any description whatsoever.

• Not engaging with any persons or entities who have been sanctioned or flagged by national or international regulatory bodies in connection with any such activities.

Elite Defence Academy International reserves the right to withdraw and disassociate from any person, party, business entity, service provider, or client found to be in contravention of this policy, without prejudice to our rights or rights of recourse in such a case, and to report any such activity to the appropriate authorities.