Fighting Fundamentals Workshop

Want to become unbeatable at close quarters?

The Fighting Fundamentals Workshop is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in Krav Maga.

This 3-hour long video series (7 detailed videos in a pack) unlocks the hidden foundations of the Elite Defence Academy International system of Krav Maga in ways that are simple yet highly intelligent. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Krav Maga practitioner, this workshop will revolutionize your understanding of how to apply the fighting concepts that are unique to the EDA system of Krav Maga.

Filmed live, this workshop is presented by renowned EDA International Krav Maga instructors Chris Martin (Black Belt Level 2), Nick Martin (Black Belt Level 2), and Chris Angelou (Black Belt Level 1). This trio of highly skilled Krav Maga instructors is based in South Africa, and are also available for workshops, seminars, and specialized training both across South Africa and worldwide.

Krav Maga fightingThe Fighting Fundamentals Workshop is an incredibly detailed introduction to the foundation skills and concepts that open the door to more advanced combatives within the EDA International Krav Maga system – a system renowned for its speed, power, and flow in combat.

The greatest secret in combatives is the ability of advanced Krav Maga fighters to fight without thinking - to allow the subconscious mind to react far faster and more intelligently than what is possible with conscious thought.

And this what this workshop begins to explore: the relationship between instinctive movement and trained reflex, the ability to sense an opponent's intentions and movements before they happen

You'll learn:




  • Devastating striking techniques using hands, feet, elbows, knee, head, and shoulder – and how to integrate these into an unstoppable whole-body system of attack.
  • Deceptive footwork, posture manipulation, distancing, and timing.
  • How to develop explosive power and speed that instantly cuts through an opponent’s defenses.
  • How to use visualization and intuitive body movement to amplify striking power.
  • How to integrate different fighting styles into a powerful, cohesive system:

- Boxing
- Muay Thai
- Kickboxing
- Systema
- Panantukan Boxing
- Vital point strikes and “invisible” strikes
- Practical groundfighting and dirty streetfighting techniques

Krav Maga Ground FightingInstructors Chris Martin, Nick Martin, and Chris Angelou, are highly experienced Krav Maga practitioners with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from their combined backgrounds in several martial arts over more than a decade.

This instructor team runs a Krav Maga training facility that is renowned for its physical, powerful, and no-nonsense approach to Krav Maga – an approach that has proven itself over the years with astounding testimonies of survival in actual life and death situations by several of their students, several of whom operate in law enforcement and executive security roles.





Video 1

  • Introduction to Fighting Fundamentals
  • Basic principles of hand to hand fighting
  • Angles and 3D striking
  • The 10-year principle
  • Triangulation and footwork
  • Launching and agility

Video 2 (27:47)

  • Posture, stability, and mobility
  • The "T-Rex" stance
  • The boxing stance
  • The outstretched stance
  • The "Chicken Wing" stance
  • The Crouch
  • Open hand striking principles

Video 3 (26:34)

  • Generating explosive energy inside the body
  • Transferring energy into the target
  • Flow striking and continuity
  • Versatility of using different strikes
  • Breathe, and strike through

Video 4 (31:46)

  • Generating unstoppable power for kicks
  • Kicking techniques and strikes using the legs
  • Creating an intelligent hybrid
  • The fundamentals of Boxing
  • The fundamentals of Kickboxing

Video 5 (27:31)

  • Panantukan Boxing
  • Everything is an opportunity
  • Setup and flow
  • Using your torso as a weapon
  • Forearm impact
  • Maintaining contact

Video 6 (36:40)

  • Clinch and knee strikes
  • The collar hook
  • Systema concepts
  • Basic street strategy
  • Getting up from a knockdown
  • Street groundwork concepts
  • Striking flow on the ground
  • Simple ground defense drills

Video 7 (bonus video) (17:10)

  • An easy, effective warmup routine
  • A progressive flow drill to build speed and power
  • A simple - yet brutal - fitness primer

Whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced Kravist, this video pack will change the way you fight - and give you insight into the deeper, hidden aspects of hand to hand combat.




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