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hired gun aviation teambuilding johannesburg


Looking for a change in perspective?

When it comes to team building for small groups, EDA Teambuilding South Africa has you covered.

Our most popular exclusive small group team building event offers you the opportunity to experience flight like never before. The Hired Gun Aviation Team Building Day offers a thrilling, life-changing journey into the world of stunt flying and aerobatic flight.

Here’s what you get:


In this option, one team member wins an aerobatic flight.

Your team arrives at Rand Airport and enjoys a light breakfast with your pilot, legendary aviator Ellis Levin.

Ellis will regale your group with insider stories and anecdotes from a rich 20-year career as a commercial pilot, charter pilot, stunt pilot, aerobatics pioneer, adventurer, and explorer.

From there, the team traverses to a hangar where Ellis illuminates the history of several iconic aircraft hangared here - including WWII fighter craft.

Your team then takes part in a fast-paced, fun communication and problem navigation exercise where they have to use their newly learned "aviation skills" to solve a group challenge.

After completing the challenge, the team participates in an “attitude is altitude” exercise where they get to vote for a grand winner.

The winner gets to take to the skies in an adrenaline-filled aerobatic flight with Ellis, featuring loops, rolls, fast climbs, challenging G-forces and upside-down flight straight from an action movie.

The winner's 25-minute aerobatic flight is recorded via on-board video.

Please note: We require a minimum of 5 attendees for this teambuilding option.



In this option, aerobatic flights can be purchased for several or all team members.

This option includes:

  • Light breakfast / meal and chat with Ellis.
  • Hangar tour and briefing.
  • 25-minute aerobatic flight for each paid-for participant.

Cost of additional flights:

Pitts Special: R4,740 per person

Harvard: R6,740 per person


For more information, to discuss a booking, or to find out how we can customize the Hired Gun Aviation Day team building event to your unique requirements, please contact us.


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