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best team building ideas johannesburg


Looking for the Best Team Building Ideas?

Welcome to a team building event that will not only inspire and thrill your team - but turn them into movie stars! This action-packed team building day is designed to equip participants with rapidly learned martial arts skills that they can show off quickly and easily.


best team building ideas johannesburg



How it Works

First, an exuberant, laughter-filled icebreaker and a demonstration of some skills by the team building facilitator.

Then, participants begin their team building adventure by being introduced to the basic concepts and movements of actual sword fighting. This is done carefully and slowly, using foam trainers that are 100% safe.

Within just half an hour, they learn:

  • Basic stances
  • Basic strikes and parries
  • Twirling and handling a sword (AKA flourishes - or how to look seriously cool!)

Then, each participant chooses a partner, and everyone is taught a quick routine that is quickly mastered and easy to remember.

What they're doing here is actually learning stage combat - one of the best team building ideas and exactly the kind of routine Hollywood action stars practice. Your team doesn't know it yet, but they're going to star in their own movie today!

Fantasy Becomes Reality

The best team building ideas are those that engage the imagination. More than just a set of activities or challenges, they inspire joy and playfulness.

Why is this important?

Because when people are genuinely present, absorbed in the moment, in a state of flow... they form deep bonds during that experience. Barriers and conflicts melt away. Common ground suddenly becomes a highly enjoyable shared reality.

The participants at this company team building day also get to choose their own identity for the day, based on what they like most.

A Star Wars character? The Witcher? Medieval hero? Whether it's slipping into the role of a samurai, a Highlander, or a Lord of the Rings character, everyone is given permission to embrace an identity that empowers them and sets them free to play.

Let the games begin!



best team building ideas



Mad Skills

Then, after a short break, the participants form demonstration partnerships or teams depending on group size.

Now, they're tasked with weaving the basic techniques they've learned into a very simple but dazzling choreographed contest, with the help of facilitators if needed.

As each person shows off their skill, we film the action - and after the workshop, we turn it into a high-octane action video clip, complete with music, skillful editing, and even some special effects!

This clip makes for an incredible keepsake that your team will want to show their friends - simply because we'll make make sure they look absolutely awesome!


team building south africa



Not Just Swordfighting!

Our goal isn't to exhaust your team members!

We aim for an exhilarating blend of fun, action, storytelling, plenty of snack and drink breaks, and an atmosphere where everybody is included and celebrated for who they are.

So, that means we pace our events accordingly, enabling participants to simply enjoy the time together as they become part of a truly memorable occasion.


Final Showdown

To end the team building day, the participants get to compete in a "capture the flag" session that combines their sword skills, strategic thinking, and ability to outsmart the competition. This is engineered for maximum fun, laughter, and memorable bonding between team members.

Finally, the facilitators select winners in a number of categories (not just sword skill!), who are gifted prizes as your whole team celebrates a day of fun and adventure - and a set of truly expert skills that they'll always remember!



Features & Bonuses

  • You're given an electronic certificate template, which you can customize and give to all the participants on the day or afterward.

  • As mentioned above, you also receive a commemorative action video which can be distributed to all the participants as a showpiece of their skills. 



Half Day Teambuilding Workshop

Less than 20 participants: R980 per person

(We require a minimum of 8 participants to facilitate a workshop)

20 - 40 participants: R790 per person

41 - 60 participants: R650 per person

61+ participants: R550 per person


Full Day Teambuilding Event

Less than 20 participants: R1450 per person
(We require a minimum of 8 participants to facilitate a workshop)

20 - 40 participants: R980 per person

41 - 60 participants: R810 per person

61+ participants: R710 per person 





  • Pricing listed above does not include venue hire or catering.
    If you do not have a set venue, we are happy to provide a list of recommended indoor and outdoor venues for your consideration, and can obtain venue hire quotes on your behalf if so desired.

  • If you are seeking a full turnkey team building event where venue, activities, catering, and other amenities are all included, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive quotation in line with your requirements and budget.

  • As per our standard terms, no booking will be confirmed, or date reserved, unless a deposit of 50% of the total amount due has been received upon issue of the relevant invoice. The balance becomes due within 7 days prior to the date of the scheduled event.

  • In the event of a client group being unable to attend a team building event due to unforeseen circumstances, we do not issue refunds, but will reschedule for another date by mutual arrangement. Please be aware that this may incur additional costs as we do not have guarantees of refunds from venue owners or caterers.
  • Our team building facilitators are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Should you require a corporate team building events outside of these general areas, a travel fee may be quoted depending upon distance and logistics. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require specific information.