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Looking for truly unique corporate team building ideas?

Maybe your team isn't the kind of group that's into skydiving or adventure sports.

Maybe you're looking for something that emphasizes wellness and self-care instead. If so, we have exactly what you're looking for.

Our Corporate Tai Chi Retreat Team Building Day offers participants tranquility, beauty, and the opportunity to experience one of the world's oldest internal martial arts and mindfulness modalities in an atmosphere of peace and joyful discovery.



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What You'll be Experiencing at this Team Building Day

Our session opens with introductions and an outline of what Tai Chi is, as well as a demonstration of how Tai Chi can positively affect the human body and mind.

As part of the introduction, participants will get to try out a simple technique that not only induces deep tranquility in just seconds, but radically increases their physical strength!

Once we're all comfortable, participants will be shown how to perform a very simple series of movements that anybody can learn quickly and easily:

  • They'll be shown "bottle breathing" - one of Tai Chi's best-kept secrets for longevity and mental health.
  • They'll be shown how the slow, even movements of Tai Chi can be applied to everyday life, and how its well-documented benefits can be applied to conflict resolution, pain relief, and overcoming self-doubt.
  • They'll be shown how to use the amazing power of the mind to positively affect physical functions like blood circulation, optimum balance, and sensitivity to the external environment. 


Who Can Do Tai Chi?

The answer: absolutely everyone.

Tai Chi is one of the safest, most participant-friendly activities on the planet.

It's evenly paced, does not require any particular physical strength or ability, and incorporates movements that do not strain the body or place any impact on the joints. In fact, Tai Chi can easily be adapted for use by individuals with mobility limitations - which means it's equally well suited to those who carry long-term injuries or are in a wheelchair, for example.

What makes Tai Chi so unique?

Part of the answer to that lies in its principles of movement - and the first principle is that the mind consciously moves the body.

As a form of meditation, it's incredibly successful, because the Tai Chi movements themselves serve to engage the busy "monkey mind" while the practitioner is set free to engage in higher consciousness and deep inner work.

If you're new to Tai Chi though, don't worry - even at its most basic level, the benefits are astounding, and it's extremely easy to perform the basic movements!



corporate team building ideas



Take it Easy

If you're looking for corporate team building ideas with a difference, this option offers you something truly unique.

It's a retreat - which means it's designed to offer participants a space where the outside world doesn't intrude and where serenity and tranquility are at the center of what we do together.

So, in between easy Tai Chi learning sessions, we make sure there's plenty of time for contemplation, a little insightful discussion, and the kind of inspiration you wouldn't normally find in a strictly corporate environment.

Our goal is to provide a memorable, uplifting experience that enriches the life of every single participant. 







Features & Bonuses

  • Each participant receives an electronic reference booklet and link to a short downloadable video for later viewing if they would like to continue their Tai Chi practice at home.


Half Day Tai Chi Teambuilding Workshop

Less than 20 participants: R720 per person

(We require a minimum of 8 participants to facilitate a workshop)

20 - 40 participants: R550 per person

41 - 60 participants: R420 per person

61+ participants: R350 per person

Full Day Tai Chi Teambuilding Event

Less than 20 participants: R980 per person
(We require a minimum of 8 participants to facilitate a workshop)

20 - 40 participants: R750 per person

41 - 60 participants: R620 per person

61+ participants: R450 per person



corporate team building ideas


  • Pricing listed above does not include venue hire or catering.

  • If you do not have a set venue, we are happy to provide a list of recommended indoor and outdoor venues for your consideration, and can obtain venue hire quotes on your behalf if so desired.

  • If you are seeking a full turnkey team building event where venue, activities, catering, and other amenities are all included, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive quotation in line with your requirements and budget.

  • As per our standard terms, no booking will be confirmed, or date reserved, unless a deposit of 50% of the total amount due has been received upon issue of the relevant invoice. The balance becomes due within 7 days prior to the date of the scheduled event.

  • In the event of a client group being unable to attend a team building event due to unforeseen circumstances, we do not issue refunds, but will reschedule for another date by mutual arrangement. Please be aware that this may incur additional costs as we do not have guarantees of refunds from venue owners or caterers.

  • Our team building facilitators are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Should you require a corporate team building events outside of these general areas, a travel fee may be quoted depending upon distance and logistics. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require specific information.