Powerful Defenses Against Sexual Assault (Video)

Powerful Defenses Against Sexual Assault (Video)

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This video shows you how to fight back - intelligently and powerfully - in a crisis, but more than that, it also shows you how to increase your situational awareness, how to identify a predator, and how to exploit the weaknesses of an attacker to devastating effect.

To put it simply, this video equips you to WIN.

The Krav Maga rape prevention techniques shown here are easy to learn and master, and are based on leverage, timing, and intelligence rather than strength.

The fact is, a male attacker is almost always stronger, but by learning how to use your natural weapons and to use highly effective combat principles, you are giving yourself an enormous advantage over any would-be assailant. 

Topics covered in this video include:

  • How to effortlessly increase your situational awareness.
  • How to pick up the signals that you may be a target.
  • How to stay calm in a crisis and "hone in" on an assailant's weak points - both physical as well as psychological. 
  • The Krav Maga "secret weapon" that enables you to access incredible reserves of strength, energy, and courage.
  • Counterattacking against the most common attempted rape assaults.
  • How to inflict crippling damage to stop even the most determined assailant.
  • How to neutralize an attacker and win even if there is a weapon being used to threaten you.
  • How to fight back in a multiple-attacker rape scenario.

You don't have to be strong, fit, or have any existing skill to learn these techniques - they're designed to work for everyone.

The old proverb says that "prevention is better than cure" - and when it comes to your personal safety, a little knowledge is incredibly powerful. And remember, when you purchase this video, you also get automatic free access to a skilled and qualified female Krav Maga  instructor who will gladly help you if you experience any difficulty or would like to chat.

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