Krav Maga Handgun Disarms 101 (video)

Krav Maga Handgun Disarms 101 (video)

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AGAINST AN ASSAILANT ARMED WITH A HANDGUN, you don't always have the luxury of choice.

Understanding the dynamics of handgun threat, and equipping yourself with the ability to disarm a gunman at close range, is a skill that could potentially save your life in a crisis.

In this detailed video, you'll learn:

  • The basics of handgun operation.
  • When it's feasible to attempt a handgun disarm, and when it's not.
  • Strategies for distracting a gunman so that you can beat his reaction time.
  • Powerful, fast handgun disarms from all angles.
  • How to use body momentum, biomechanics, and timing to beat a stronger assailant and get the gun.
  • The nuances of movement and footwork that reduce your risk of getting hurt - even if a handgun fires during the execution of a disarm.
  • How to increase the safety of bystanders and read situations more accurately.
  • What to do after you get the gun - when to shoot, and when to hold back.


The disarm techniques you'll learn in this video are built on a foundation of basic, instinctive movements that anybody can learn - and with practice, they will dramatically increase your ability to defend yourself.

Purchase Krav Maga Handgun Disarms 101 today - and add these techniques to your arsenal.


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