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 The Krav Maga instructor at Elite Defence Academy, Sunnyridge (Germiston North) is Greg Yen.

Greg is a full time Graphic Designer, husband to a beautiful wife, and father to two amazing children. He sets aside time in his busy week to teach his passion: equipping likeminded men, women and children with the knowledge that they too have options when it comes to practical self defense.

krav maga germiston

Each one of us has a mandate to protect ourselves and the loved ones around us," says Greg. "Join me at Elite Defence Academy, Sunnyridge, and I will teach you how. I will equip you with a set of skills that will improve your awareness of your immediate surroundings and give you the confidence to handle any life-threatening situations you may come across. All I need is your time and willingness to soak in some EMPOWERING information. My goal is to teach you INTELLIGENT and EFFECTIVE self defense!”

Greg has 10 years of martial arts experience in various styles. “I was introduced to Krav Maga by a friend 9 years ago. The class was taught by the founder of Elite Defence Academy, Des Brown. I was captivated to say the least - and made the decision that I would equip myself to be able to share these skills with others.”

Greg has been teaching Krav Maga for 7 years. “I love the fact that Krav Maga is to-the-point and enables even a smaller person to defeat a larger, more aggressive attacker, using body dynamics and depth of movement.”


Our members are women and men of all ages, from all walks of life, and we welcome everybody. You don't need to have any prior experience or be "in shape" at all - just come as you are. We'll show you how easy it is to learn intelligent and effective self-defense skills, and gain confidence in a safe environment.

Learning Krav Maga is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, both for your own safety and peace of mind, and for the safety of your loved ones.

At the end of the day it's up to you," says Greg. "All you have to do is to take that first step, and visit us. You're welcome!”


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Day / Time:

Adult Krav Maga: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:45 – 20:00
Kids Krav Maga (Beginner): Saturdays 07:50 – 09:00
Kids Krav Maga (Intermediate): Saturday 09:00 - 10:00


Sunnyridge Primary School
25 Pitts Ave, Sunnyridge, Germiston


To visit a club for a look-in session, it's best to book a date so that we can allocate time to personally showing you what we offer, answering any questions, and generally helping you feel at home. Our culture is extremely visitor-friendly and beginner-friendly, and all are welcome.

krav maga class germiston


krav maga in sunnyridge germiston

Just dress casually, as you would to go to the gym or to take a walk. Loose, comfortable clothing is best, along with sneakers or similar footwear.
Should you decide to enrol with us, an official EDA Krav Maga T-Shirt must be purchased and worn. Should you wish to, you can order additional shirts and other apparel at any stage, as well as official training pants, etc.


If you like what you experience and would like to join us, the procedure is simple: We provide you with the link to an online enrolment form which can be filled in quickly and easily, wherever you are.

Our member agreement form stipulates a 6-month membership, with fees paid monthly, in advance. At the end of the 6-month membership, your membership will be presumed to renew automatically unless you stipulate otherwise. Also, after the initial six months, should you need to cease training, you can do so with a month's written notice at any time.

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Greg teaches a Kids Krav Maga class in Sunnyridge (Germiston North) for kids between the age of 6 and 12. Fun, safe, age-appropriate self defence skills are taught to boys and girls with an emphasis on safety, camaraderie and responsibility.

Along with having huge amounts of fun, kids learn important life skills, how to defend themselves, develop core strength, agility and hand eye coordination.

kids krav maga germiston 


self defence course for companies

Greg offers corporate self defense workshops and group training sessions.

In addition to the standard 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour self defence workshops, these workshops can be tailored to suit the time availability and needs of a company or group.

The workshops can be run as once-off sessions, a short course, or as a teambuilding event.

To obtain a quotation and details of available workshops, please contact Greg directly on 083 703 1455 or

In addition to the standard workshops, Greg also offers theme-specific training to equip participants to deal with carjacking, attempted abduction, or public violence scenarios.

anti hijack course


anti abduction course


crisis management course





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You're most welcome to contact us if you'd like more information.


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